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15th October 2014

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11th October 2014


Production still from #BlackSummer

Production still from #BlackSummer

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23rd September 2014


Who is Ruby Rodriguez?

Portrait for Director/Production Designer, Ruby Rodriguez.

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21st September 2014

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Black Diamond" tells the story of a man’s struggle to become a father and guide his son in the right path.

This inspiration for this film, stems from Ajiri Akpolo’s, Director of Photography, experiences working with and mentoring youth in the community. 

We’ve nearly finished with the project which cost us $4,338.00. If you’d like to help us recover our funds and finish our project, please donate.

A short film I co-wrote and produced, give it a look if you get a chance.

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14th September 2014

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New stills.

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14th September 2014

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12th September 2014

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11th September 2014

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I’m just going through and taking screencaps of this film because I felt the visual language of it was outstanding. Emotionally provocative use of color and an ethereal sense of loneliness in these landscapes. 

The film itself has a lot of narrative flaws, some editing that makes us feel like we sort of missed things, so much world building and exposition that is both needed more and simultaneously gets in the way, a couple of times where the film’s otherwise beautifully done sincerity goes into overdrive and it feels melodramatic, and a startling mix of gorgeously done animated sequences next to limited scenes, but there are so many things about it that are also wonderful that I think it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite animated films, flaws and all, it all goes back to the sharp sense of design.

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6th September 2014

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"Black Summer is a brief, street-level, perspective of the citizens of Ferguson following the murder of unarmed teen Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson. With Brown’s death serving as a reminder of an American tradition: the killing of unarmed blacks by officers of the law"

-Tristan Hill

Hey folks, take some time and peep this micro-doc I worked on with my friend Tristan Taylor.

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31st August 2014

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